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Provided that entire departments, subsidiaries or even the whole company are closed, training elements of the outplacement can often take place efficiently in groups. Job coaching and job placement are always individual services. Generally, managers will always agree on an intensive individual placement.

Main Services

The concrete services are adjusted to the individual situation of the client. In general they always include a SWOT analysis, a profiling for optimal labour markt positioning, the development of a job search strategy incl. online resume, the permanent exploration of the most important job boards, job coaching and assisted job placement. Several training elements can be added.

Method and Procedure

In an non-binding briefing which is free of charge and commits you to nothing, we discuss the basic options and the possible ways to realize them, among others by public reliefs for your current employer. We help to set up contracts and applications for reliefs. Together we agree about the concrete outplacement plan and then do all necessary steps together to help you as good as possible to move from the old job to the new one.

Fees and Guarantees

The fees are as individual as the outplacement services. In general, your current employer pays the fees. If applicable, your employer benefits from public reliefs. There are no costs for your new employer in connection with the outplacement. In addition, an agreement about a bonus of a quick move from the old job to the new one could take place - both you and us would benefit from this bonus.