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Job Coaching and Placement

We can assist you efficiently to find a new job - in two ways: Classic job placement or Outplacement. Easy and always free of charge for you: Registration of your CV with access to currently 2787738 job adverts.

Method and Procedure

Competence balance, talent marketing, support of job search, employer contacts, application, interview and contracting. Effective, easy and interactive. For further information:

Trust and Co-operation

Outplacement and job placement are a matter of trust. The more actively you participate, the sooner we will have success. See us as coach or sparring partner.
If your company has to reduce personnel and you may be involved, feel free to contact us. We will advise you in a discrete way about the options of your employer including public reliefs.

Fees and Vouchers

Your new employer will not be charged for the successful job placement. We work on your behalf, so you incur the fees. We accept both public job placement vouchers and an outplacement voucher from your employer for consultancy, coaching, and placement. In these cases, you do not have to pay anything yourself.