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Take a few minutes of your time and post your anonymous resume here. You can be found and contacted by employers at once. With your account data (username and password) you can access, modify, refine or deactivate your resume any time.

Technical notice:
Please leave cookies and javascript enabled in your browser (default settings), so that you can use all features without problems. If you use a firewall with pop-up blocker, we advise you to deactivate it, because some products might cause problems during the registration process (e. g. Norton Personal Firewall, the normal pop-up blocker e. g. of the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox does not cause any problems). If you experience technical problems during the registration, this is in nearly all cases due to disabled cookies (error messages in the right window of the profession and the location manager) or to disabled javascript/ active pop-up blocker (clicking on the red double arrow in the profession or location manager does not do anything).

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Choose a username and a password by yourself. You'll receive an e-mail confirmation right after your registration. We recommend you to choose a combination of letters and digits. Please note that if you choose capital letters, the login later works only with the exact writing. If the system notifies you after trying to submit your registration that your username exists already, just add another character or number.
Shortly after the registration, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation, your login data and the link to your resume. If you do not want to receive such an e-mail, just leave the e-mail field empty and fill it in later, when you complete your resume with the resume wizard.
If you do not have an e-mail address yet, you can get one easily and free at services like e. g.

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