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work4pinoy offers you to post job ads, create your company profile and find and contact qualified and motivated jobseekers — free of charge.
Therefore you need to register for a free user account. This will either be set up automatically for you when you publish your first job advert in our standard layout, or you can set up an account using the link Login for Employers (new account for employers).
Just choose a username and password, make a note of both and follow the help text.

Contacting jobseekers is also free of charge. It is our policy that jobseekers are only contacted with really existing job ads, not for mere pool-building purposes. The contact will either go to the jobseeker himself or to a consultant, who will then contact you and discuss all further steps with you.

As a recruitment agency you can get a consultant account at work4pinoy and the work4pinoy system for your homepage — in your look & feel. So you'll have a great own system for recruitment and job placement and all your job ads will automatically appear at, no extra costs and no extra efforts.

If you want to use a job ad for pool building purposes, please mark the pool building purpose clearly in your job ad text. work4pinoy accepts pool building for future job opportunities, but only through clearly marked job ads, not through contact messages.
work4pinoy reserves the right to delete job ads and contact messages which do not comply with this policy and can also delete user accounts of not-complying employers and recruitment agencies.

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