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Creating your profile on this portal has a dual purpose.

Firstly, you create a profile that will be seen by employers and recruiters in its anonymous form. If they have a suitable job for you, they can contact you online and you can decide, whether you want to apply for this job or not.

In creating a profile, think about the key words that you would want recruiters to view. You should also make it specific to you, avoid using too many 'empty' or overblown statements.
In addition, you have the option of uploading a CV that recruiters will be able to view and print, when you attach it to your online application. You only need to upload it once and can then apply online with it from any place of the world.

Secondly, your profile is used as a matching criteria to advertised career opportunities.

Fields used for matching purposes are clearly indicated on the form. It is important to fill in as much detail as you can. For matching purposes, you will need to be as specific and concise as possible. Giving enough details will help to narrow down your matches so that only suitable jobs are sent to your inbox. Fields used for matching purposes only are clearly stated as so.

There are thousands of new jobs advertised every week. Spending some time on your profile will help the programme to narrow down results for you, and save you having to go through hundreds of inappropriate jobs.

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