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  1. To use all functionalities Javascript needs to be activated in your browser (default setting). If you are using a firewall with pop-up blocker please deactivate it as some products overwrite the JavaScript settings of your browser (e.g. Norton Personal Firewall; the standard pop-up blocker of the Internet Explorer or of Mozilla Firefox doesn't cause any problems).
    If you have problems during the registration of your jobseeker profile it is usually caused by the deactivation of JavaScript and the active pop-up blocker (e.g. nothing happens after clicking the red arrows in the Profession/ Location Manager)

  2. First, please have a look at this Example Profile with detailed standardized information and free text.
    That's roughly how your profile should look like.

  3. Choose a username and password, make a note of both and register your jobseeker profile using Quick Registration.

  4. Select with the Profession Manager all professions which are suitable for you and in which you could work. Select then with the Location Manager all areas in which your new job can be located. The more flexible and mobile you are the more suitable job offers you will receive.

  5. Complete all further fields and write set-up CV.

  6. With a click on "Continue >>" your profile and user account will be set up; the system will log you on to your user account and your profile will be automatically matched with all job adverts. This takes only a few seconds. Please wait until you see a site which informs you about your successful registration.

  7. You will then be able to see on the basis of the number of job adverts how far in line your profile is with the current employment market. Using the function "Edit my profile" you can change your settings (skills, geographical mobility) at any time.

  8. You can update, activate and deactivate your profile at any time and you can also delete your complete account. However, only when your profile is activated (aktiviert) employers will be able to find you. Please complete your profile as soon as possible and activate it once you are happy with it.

  9. If a suitable employer/ company wants to contact you we will send you automatically an email with an alert. In addition you will receive a message in the Message Centre of your account. If you are working together with a consultant/ advisor we will notify them.

    You don't have an email address yet? No problem. At and other providers you can register for a free email account which you can access from anywhere in the world.

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